In the ongoing T20 series between India and England, the Indian team could win only one match. A player from the team involved in this win was dismissed by captain Kohli again in the third match. Even a player who did not get a chance to bat in his first international match. Even though this player did not get a chance to bat, Fielding did well by catching the catch of Johnny Bairstow. Even after this, former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir has made fun of Virat Kohli for not making him part of the team in the next match.

Gautam Gambhir asked if you have seen Suryakumar

Seeing the name of Suryakumar Yadav in the playing XI in the third T20 match, Gautam Gambhir has expressed his anger in a slightly different way. He expressed surprise at Captain Kohli’s decision that you want to select the players for the T20 World Cup, but do not want to give them a chance to play. When he does not play, then how will he live on the scale?

Gautam Gambhir also further said that, have you seen Suryakumar playing? If not, then how can we say that he is not a suitable player. While he has performed brilliantly in IPL. Have you seen this player from the World Cup perspective? You want to strengthen your bench strength, but will not allow players to play even 3-4 matches.

What is your scale

Captain Kohli had said a few days ago that the place of any player in the team will be confirmed when he performs well. But, without giving a chance to play, you cannot tell whether the player is good or bad. Suryakumar Yadav is a suitable number 4 batsman. Despite this, Shreyas Iyer was given a chance. Whereas in his last two matches, only 8 and 9 runs have come off his bat respectively.

In such a situation, if someone gets hurt, then who will you give a chance to? What do you do if you do not know about the player. What is your scale to test a player? He further said that Suryakumar should be given at least one more chance.

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